Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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For molds wherein something must be burned (away), and do not open before being reheated: do not cast before refiring/reheating. For large molds that produce large and wide casts, it is necessary to score it with strong notches so that the pitch of the metal does not run as forcefully. These will not make many burrs if they are pressed. Prior to doing so, place between the moldand the press pieces of thick felt for mittens, which will fill the cavities and protect the mold from cracking. The clamps should be placed prior to heating or drying.

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When the ground from which you are making your earthen base to lay out your animal is too soft, the pins you place come out easily when you cast the sand and so the mold is spoilt and the design is defeated. Therefore when you know that your slab is too tender and soft, spread some hot cinders over it and blow with the bellows.