Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Molds of things which have not been pelted

Animals who have not been pelted can only be molded in a double mold, which can only be opened after they have been refired and after the enclosed animal is completely burnt. Animals with bones or scales which are not reducible to powder thus remain in calcined pieces which will never removed from the cast, however much bellowing or whatever amount of quicksilver is put in, or by using a feather pipe while molding to make a gate. This is why you mold in two halves: so that once the mold is opened after having been refired, the thing you’ve burnt can be cleaned out. But I advise letting it cool so that in taking off the clamps (being hot) nothing cracks while it is still fragile. While it is hot the crust and cinders which it leaves and which stick to the mold can be more easily removed when it is cold. Also note that on the side of the lower mold when you reheat the animal, which in boiling leaves a crust, in this case, always mark on the mold where the back of the animal is so that in reheating it is to the top and above and will by this method stay cleaner.