Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Thing that cannot be released from the mold

You must cut it inside the mold in order to burn it. Cut it with scissors at once, that way blood doesn’t flow on the mold, and doesn’t make dirty. Because this dirt would be removed with difficulty when reheated. Then place your mold into a furnace, or something similar, in order to quickly dry the mold which must be removed before the forming of crusts or molds.@

at left middle margin of folio 133v

+ When you mold small lizards, and when you want to peel away the first molded part, start to peel away the heads, you will know its place thanks to the needle. Don’t peel away the legs before peeling away the entire body, to avoid that the naked body, moving,doesn’t remove the legs from their place, which would not be easy to put back into place. When you remove the small needles fixing the legs, block the legs or press the legs with something, that way while removing the needles the legs won’t move; finally, you can fix the legs again with wax.