Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Drying animals in an oven

One can skin small cats and remove their eyes and all their guts. Then place a small stick vertically between the teeth in order to open their mouths. Then with iron nails one should attach their feet to a small board, arrange the required position. Once they are tied by their feet with small iron rings, one has to hang them upside down into the sun. By doing so, they will get the right shape and dry, the belly will tighten and the the tail will remain high up thanks to the twist that you made. Once they are already a bit dry, one may twist the head as he wishes and secure the position with any tool. One may finish to dry the animal by placing it in an oven once the bread has been taken off. Then place some realistically painted lead balls or wax balls in the eye—sockets. One should paint them with gummed ink so that they look like jet. One can add a painted tongue, or horns, or wings or anything you may imagine, same goes for rats or any animal.

Figure Figure which surround the fingers of the paws and which stick in the jacket of clay.