Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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When one grabs them with two fingers from the sides of the head, at the level of the ears, one makes them open their mouth with the tip of the fingernail, then one grabs the edge of their lower jaw, and then [the edge] of the upper one. He squeezes the fingernail like a pair of pincers, but he cannot go through it, but he squeezes it quite hard; and if he bit the flesh, he would never let go of his hold, and there would be no better remedy than to cut off his head promptly. In the spring, as they have shed their skin, they are better—looking.

at left middle margin of folio 111v

The small lizards that one catches in the summer, the size of small female lizards, grey on the back and green on the belly, are very appropriate to cast in silver, gold, or other metal, because their scales are rougher than those of female lizards and show better.