Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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If by chance you want to mold this ugly animal and if it should piss in your hand, it will sting your hand and cause it to itch, as if you had been holding nettles. But the very best remedy for this is to put your hand into fresh dirt, and to cover it as if you wanted to bury it. Frogs are not so beautiful when molded because they have shiny skin, and toads have lumpy skin.

at left bottom margin of folio 109v

You can mold the toad hollow, and leaving a notch open on the underbelly, you will make it jump with the twisted cord of the saw. If it is a small, put it on a magnet cut small to the size of the toad, then put it in good vinegar.

at right middle margin of folio 109v

If it is big, mold hollow, and if you want to mold it with its mouth open, put some cotton therein, and then put some melted wax on the cotton.