Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Excellent burn relief

Heat linseed oil on a light fire, without letting it boil and simmer. But when it is hot put a quarter part(of the quantity of the linseed oil) of the newest wax you can find. Once it has melted, let it cool and when it begins to curdle, stir it continuously with a new wooden spatula for the length of time it takes to say 9 pater nosters, and while you say them, wash this composition with holy water, always stirring. Having said the first of 9 pater nosters, pour the first water out and add more, then wash and stir the composition for the time it takes to say 8 pater nosters. In the interval it takes to say 3 of the 7 pater nosters, and continuing thusly, add more water, as above, until there is only one last new pater noster left. Then you will have a soft white ointment, with which you will apply to the burn for 9 days. But don’t apply any more, you must let the flesh grow over. Dress it twice a day and each time you wash your face with water, and mix it together a bit tepidly, without rubbing. But press it with wet linen, and wipe it similarly with fine linen, and apply the ointment. On which you can put binder’s string. This will regrow your hair and prevent a scar from forming. A powder maker who was completely burnt but had no sign of burns taught it to me.