Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Impromptu mask

Mold some paper and put it on the face of somebody who is making an ugly grimace, let it dry, then take your pattern to paint

# and liftings. It is necessary that it not be too wet for the aforementioned reasons. Reheat little by little, and if you left it out to dry slowly in some dry place without any high heat after molding it, it would work better, since if you expose it all of a sudden to high heat, it warps. I think it would be very convenient to reheat it in the mouth of the oven after you take bread out of it. One should not complain about the difficulty of preparing it; it can take as many castings as you wish, because it becomes as hard as marble, you can polish it, and the mold cannot be ruined. Having used it, crush and sift it again, without making a special effort to crush it very finely, since, when sifted through a common sieve, it is stronger and strips better than when it is very fine.