Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Molding one part in relief and one hollow side

It is necessary to cast two parts of very clean copper, latten or a similar metal and then when you mold the hollow in sand, leave the metal figure, that you have molded in the box mold, without budging it from its place. Then cast and if there is not enough thickness press a bit and force the figure down into the box mold.

It is wise to always mold the faces not close to the cast but the head in bottom because the strength of the material concentrates at the entry of the medal and where the force of the impurity is. Thus if you molded the face close to the cast in this manner, you could find impurities there. It is better that impurities remain on the clothes which you can repair more easily

Vinegar is better for moistening than wine. It is necessary that the box mold be quite equal, otherwise as you press one side, it lifts up the opposite one.

This is why the press is better because it tightens more extremely than by hand, and makes

the sand become fat which loses its moisture. With soft and fine sand which is powdered, and dry, burnish the medal.

When you mold, always leaves your medal in one of the box molds without stirring it because if your pipe is not clean, it will not mold well. You can repair it thanks to the bolts which prevent it from moving. But first, burnish your medal with charcoal made from willow. Then clean your medal because that degreases it and makes it easier to remove it from the mold afterwards.

Do not knock as you are molding because that damage the box mold and the sand.