Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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After you have primed your panel and scraped it with a knife to make it quite even, you will start drawing with the longest possible piece of charcoal, because with a short one you would not see your line so well and you would make it rougher. Let the tip of the charcoal be sharp, and to prevent if from quickly becoming dulled and blunt, drag the tip flat, thus you will constantly sharpen it. Hold your charcoal as far as possible, and accustom yourself to drawing with a light touch. Because if you become accustomed to drawing delicately with charcoal, you shall do the same with colors. And whoever is rough with charcoal is never exquisite with colors. And by a line of charcoal, masters assess their apprentices. First make the contour of your drawing, that is the outline, lightly and without too diligent work, rather with boldness. By so doing, you will learn to be an artist, and if you need to erase anything, you will not waste as much time as if you had elaborated it. Afterwards work on all the details, not standing too close to your panel, but sometimes stepping back in order to better assess the proportions. Once you are satisfied with the first drawing, retrace all the lines with your paintbrush in pink or another gummed or distempered color. Thus you will work more surely with colors, and with less trouble.