Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Tanners use small skins of lambs and young goats nearly as delicate as parchments and they keep them in some humid places and keep wetting them. When they want to print some stories on it they lay them in their molding hollows of their figure and then on top they spread some greasy fine earth used for trimming wool fabrics, well pressed and beaten and slightly humid and soft and then put on the earth a small oneā€”piece board and put the whole under a press and leave that dry there. After the earth the leather only remains very neatly printed [missing word] of the size of a pea. And then apply on the leather two or three black copperas and iron scale layers one after the other like the tanners do. And since this tincture is astringent and shrinks the leather will be stronger more more easily printable. Once dried stick on the reverse some fabric with strong glue, and by doing so one can quickly imitate big statues and very fine medals and paint them and [illegible] and are light and can be carried and last for a long time. What can be printed on a relief can be made differently and can be reheated with a hot iron tool.