Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Copying off patterns

Make some soap water and with it, rub and moisten the engraved stone that you want to transfer the pattern from, then lay a white sheet of paper on it and rub strongly against it with a sharp piece or the bottom of a glass bottle and you will transfer your stamped piece. It is true that it will be on the left side, but if you apply aspic or turpentine oil on your paper, it will be stamped on the right on the other side. Then trace these lines with a paint brush or a quill, then heat the paper and the oil will evaporate and it will leave your paper white. And if you don’t want that to be known if, by chance, you borrowed the cut stone, soak the paper and the polishing that the polisher made on the back side, which distinguishes what has been made, will not be recognizable. The soap water will turn the piece yellow, but well gummed water, which has the same effect, does not do this. If you want to, for the same effect, make gummed water then, dissolve some soap in it and do as is said.