Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Take half an ounce of soft tin, melt it in a spoon. Once it is melted, throw in an ℥ of ☿, mix together. Once they are cold, grind on a porphyry slab. Then take an ℥ of sal ammoniac and an ℥ of the yellowest sulfur that may be found, grind both. And then mix very well all the aforementioned materials. Then put all together into a glass sublimatorium. Hold this over a small fire for an hour, and for an hour over a stronger fire, and for an hour over a very strong fire, and it will be ready. Then, to use it, apply resin black with the glue used by painters to paint, two or three times, until it is quite black. Then apply a bit of varnish. Once it is dry, apply the purpurine dry with a finger where you want. The more you apply, the finer it will look. Then, if you like, you can apply varnish on top.