Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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Wax for seals and impressions

For large wax seals, you should always have tepid water handy, and keep your wax in it. Yet previously you should have kneaded it with your hands, so as to make it very smooth and even, for otherwise the water would penetrate the wax and prevent it from holding together. Afterwards, you can imprint whatever you want. Cover the wax in three or four sheets of paper, and, with a round and smooth stick similar to a pestle, roll it out as if to polish it. It will then stick to the paper, helping you to take it off from the seal. In this way you will imprint better than if you were dripping molten wax. You can carve figures and color them in gold, in silver, or paint them with couleurs à vernis, and transfer them onto a glass pane painted with couleurs à tourmentine & mastic. And if you want to apply these designs by inlaying, use gum ammoniacum mixed with vinegar, and it will stick well.