Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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To gild with gold color and tinsel

Once you have colored or made your stamped ornament in tin (as previously described), or in iron or copper, you must not put glue as on wood, but just have some fatty oil, which is made in seven or eight days in the sun from walnut oil and white lead, stirring often, or cooked on fire if one should be in hurry. Then, with the oil thus made fatty, grind a little white lead, massicot and black graphite, at discretion, as much of one as of the other. Minium will color the gold. Then apply an even layer of that onto your stamp, taking care you do not fill the hollows. And once it is almost dry, apply the gold leaf on it using cotton. Such gold will withstand rain on houses or elsewhere. And if you have made your gilt with tinsel, color it with smoke from a partridge or from yellow or red cloth, and it will look as fine as pure gold. You can cover trunks, mirrors, bed valances and posts in colored velvet or satin and then apply the gilded stamped ornament on them with strong glue.