Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640 in English Translation

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For cages

You can embellish them with thin enamel canes of various colors by covering the yellow latten or iron wire with said canes. These you will break neatly into the length that you want if you make a small notch with a cutting file at the point where you want to break them, and they will not break anywhere else. You can bend them with a wooden model over a brazier or by the heat of a lamp. A cane can be stretched out as long as you want in a small furnace made like a reverberatory oven but with openings on both sides. And once the large cane is red, they seize the hot end of it with small pincers that have long beaks, with one end of the beak inside the end of the cane, so that it may be stretched without becoming blocked. The other end of the cane is held with the hand, as it is not hot. Once the cane is stretched enough, the one who is working seated with his stove, the size of a carnation pot, placed in front of him, breaks it off and carries on. This is for making cane for capes, which may be cut, as already mentioned, with a file. Glass—button makers also use the said stove.

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Under the door is a grill that supports the burning charcoal. The ash is emptied by turning the stove upside down.