Making and Knowing
A minimal edition of BnF Ms Fr 640

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In addition to Greek examples, there is a psalm of David mentioned by Saint Athanasius in the Synopsis. It begins Parvus eram and in the second verse the royal prophet says, Manus meae fecerunt organum et digiti mei aptarunt psalterium.

Keeping chestnuts

They must be left in their burs until you want to eat them. And in their burs, store them in a humid place, or in the drain of some roof.

Scented candle from Le Mans

They melt in with wax and candles rosin that is called in France rosin from Burgundy, which is white and not as rough or dry as the other rosin. They also perfume the wick and the end of the wick.

Softening gold

Dissolve some caput mortuum in distilled vinegar. Filter and congeal in salt and cement the with this, and it will soften wonderfully.

Improve the color of gold

Put aqua fortis of vitriol on hot ashes. Cover the bottle, that is, the mouth, with a tile, then unstop it & a thick smoke will come out; put the gold on this and it will take on a high color.